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Carlo Collodi Author of The Adventures of Pinocchio

The Adventures of Pinocchio (Le Avventure di Pinocchio) is a children?s tale about a mischievous puppet who was carved out of firewood into a marionette by Geppetto, a poor italian woodcarver.
Geppetto?s dreams to have a much wanted child of his own, came true when the puppet turned into a real boy who then went on to cause his father much heartache by running away. Pinocchio experiences lots of misadventures on his path and learns much about life, the hard way.

?Pinocchio? was written by Carlo Collodi and first published in serial form in 1881 in a Rome newspaper and in book form in 1883 with huge success in Italy. The first English language version was published in 1892. It has become a children?s classic. The style of writing, when it was published, was new and modern opening the way to many writers of the following century. The Italian language of the book was peppered with the dialect of Florence where the author grew up and several of the book?s concepts have become commonplace such as ?your nose will grow long if you tell lies?.

Carlo Collodi is the pen name of Carlo Lorenzini 1826-90. Collodi is the name of the little village in Tuscany where his mother wa born. Carlo himself was born in Florence.
He served as a soldier in 1848 when Tuscany rose in revolt against its Habsburg rulers and again in the war between Italy and Austria in 1859.

Collodi began his writing career as a journalist and started his own satirical paper, Il Lampione (The street lamp) but the government closed it down.
Later he became a government official himself, working as a civil servant for the education department pushing for much needed reforms.

In the 1850?s he began to have a variety of both fiction and non fiction books published.
He published some French fairy tales so well that someone asked him to write some of his own, resulting in his first major success, ?Giannetto?, which is an educational fairly tale. He then devoted his career to writing for children ?because adults are too hard to please?.

Roberto Benigni Films Pinocchio
The story has been filmed over twenty times, the latest being in 2002 staring Roberto Benigni. In 1940 Walt Disney animated Pinocchio popularizing it to become a much loved children?s story in the English speaking world but the book is far richer in the details of the boyish adventures of the naughty puppet.

Such eternal moral complexities have regularly lured artists and playwrights to revise and adapt Pinocchio, and a roster of cinema greats and not-so-greats have risen to the challenge, though, to Italian eyes, none has ever quite nailed him. Benigni told a preview audience two weeks ago how his friend, the late Italian director Federico Fellini, used to call him Pinochietto and urged him to do a Pinocchio. "I feel so much like Pinocchio that when I see a tree, I yell out, 'Daddy!'" he said when the project was launched. Keeping him company on his adventure is his wife and very own Blue Fairy, Braschi, co-screenwriter

Cerami and soundtrack composer Nicola Piovani, all of whom worked with him on Life is Beautiful. Read More...Time Europe Mag. Oct 13, 2002

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