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Colosseum in Rome Italy


Situated in a valley surrounded by the hills, Palatino, Campidoglio, and the Esquilino, it was an inhospitable and malaria zone, which became after a while a trading place and a zone reserved to public ceremonies as the elections of magistrates, the celebration of religious rituals and trails.


The Colosseum is the biggest amphitheatre ever built in the antiquity.


It was started in 72AD, by the emperor Vespasiano of the Flavia family that is why it's also known as the "Amphiteatrum Flavium". It is built above the ancient area of the artificial lake of the Domus Aurea, and it probably owes its name to the neighbouring colossus of Nerone that made part of the entrance of the hall of the same villa. With its 50 metres high and its elegant architecture, it had a capacity of 55,000 spectators. Some big tournaments of gladiators were used to take place inside the edifice, venations (fights with wild animals) and some naumachie also known as the fantastical navels battles. But there is not enough information about the Christian tortures. During the Renaissance a lot of materials were taken from the monument for the construction of palaces, bridges ad the San Pietro' Basilica. The Pope Benedetto XIV established that this monument was a tribute to the Christian martyrs who died here and then the plundering stopped. The floor of the place was destroyed during a fire that is why it is possible to admire the subterranean structure.

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